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Generate a business idea by leveraging the power of cutting-edge generative AI. Turbobiz is based on OpenAI's GPT LLMs with custom instructions. Users can view their past searches too, which are stored in Firestore, and get redirected to a registrar to buy possible domain names for their business.

Squawk Social

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A fun and unserious social media platform with a bunch of quirky reactions targeted towards Gen Z. This project is all about bold colors and playfulness. It also puts the focus on simple posting and on close friends, with increased privacy and less influencer-ey features.


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A collection of free and open source React, Next.js, Tailwind, and Framer Motion themes, templates, and snippets created from scratch by me for the web developer community


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A URL shortener service made using Next.js and Firebase. It supports user accounts, history of generated URLs, and basic analytics.

Link in Bio v2024

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Beautiful link in bio themes, currently set to a beautiful minimalist dark theme. It records analytics using a custom script and stores them in Firestore.

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Recording my own web analytics in Next.js

It is very easy, and you should do it too!

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Coming Up


Freaking fire forms.

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AI prompts that make my life easier.


An elevated to-do web app, with priority tags, task dependencies, due dates, reminders, and more.

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An iOS app that allows users to split bills and expenses with their friends and roommates. Built using SwiftUI and Firebase, and inspired by Splitwise

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Xzayvian 2.0

A web-based chatbot based on OpenAI's LLMs. Designed to supercharge your productivity with focused use cases and workflows.

New Product

Lume Wallpapers

High quality AI generated wallpapers and design assets made using Stable Diffusion XL.

Out Now: Cyberpunk and Art Deco hi-res landscape wallpaper collections

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