technical tl;dr

My technical profile

Strongest suits

Full-stack web applications using Next.js, Tailwind, and Framer Motion
Android apps using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose
Cloud platforms such as Firebase, Vercel, and Supabase
Authentication using Auth0

Moderate proficiency

Cloud platforms such as Google Cloud
iOS app development using Swift, UIKit, and SwiftUI


I learn by doing projects, not by blindly following tutorials and copying boilerplate downloaded from the internet. The majority of my projects are made from scratch and on GitHub. Many of them are deployed for testing or moderate use.

Work in progress

Veridian, a video calling web application concept made using Next.js, Clerk Auth, and Daily. Also, GroupPay, an iOS app concept for splitting expenses wih your friends and roommates, similar to Splitwise.

Featured Project


Generative AI

Generate a business idea by leveraging the power of cutting-edge generative AI. Turbobiz is based on OpenAI's GPT LLMs with custom instructions. Users can view their past searches too, which are stored in Firestore, and get redirected to a registrar to buy possible domain names for their business.

All Projects
Xzayvian GPT

A chatbot based on OpenAI's GPT 3.5 LLM and made from scratch in Next.js. Supports different user profiles using Auth0 and user search histories through Cloud Firestore

Squawk Social

A fun and unserious social media platform targeted at Gen Z. Created using Next.js, Auth0, and Supabase PostgreSQL.


A collection of free React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, and Framer Motion snippets and templates made by me

Portfolio 2024

My new portfolio for 2024, with a shiny metallic look and feel, with a lot of (not literal) movement, depth, and shadows


A web app that shows you a briefing of the day, including news and weather


A URL shortener service with user accounts and click tracking


Generate a business idea by leveraging the power of AI

Blog MVP

A simple blog concept

Bento Bio

A minimalist bento-style, technical-looking link-in-bio style website made in Next.js

Bento Portfolio

A minimalist bento-style, single-page portfolio design made with Next.js, Tailwind, and Framer Motion

Swiss Bio

A minimalist link-in-bio style website concept/template, with Framer Motion layout animations.


A no-nonsense Next.js web app that gets you the top stories from the New York Times wire

Bucket Tracker

An Android app to track score and times for basketball matches, made in Android Studio. This is an MVP, so it only stores the data in memory, not storage

Deep NN

A deep neural network classifier, made in Python


A graphics library created from scratch, similar to OpenGL.

Tree Sorted Stack

An abstract data structure similar to a binary stree. Represented as an array where every node must be smaller than its children.

Venerable Manor

A console-based adventure game